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    To enter the secure site you are required to log in using a log in ID (provided by us) and a password nominated by you during the registration process.

    Please select what you would like to do:

    • Log in (Employer or Self registered user, using previously supplied details)
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    • Register (to use the site for the first time)
    • Reset password Forgot your password? If you have already registered on this site but can't remember your password, you can request a reset here.

    Terms and conditions of use

    By registering to use the secure site, you are agreeing to follow these basic rules:

    Password rules

    • Password must be ten to twenty characters.
    • Password must contain characters from each of the three following categories (A-Z), (a-z), (0-9). Symbols and special characters such as # & * ê are not allowed.
    • Password cannot be one of the last twenty passwords created.
    • Password cannot be changed within forty-eight hours of the last change or since the account has been created.
    • Password should not be a recognised word.

    Keeping your access secure

    • Never share your log in ID or password with anyone – this includes work colleagues or the person for whom the application is being made.
    • Never allow anyone else to use the JobAccess site while you are logged on – while you are logged onto the site, you are personally responsible for actions carried out under your log in.
    • Make sure that the computer that you are using is protected from viruses.

    Cancelling your access when it is no longer required

    You are the only one who can access the applications attached to your log in ID. When you leave the organisation that you are currently working for, or the role changes and you no longer require access, you must:

    • Complete all pending applications, as far as practicable, and
    • Notify the JobAccess adviser on 1800 464 800 of the change in circumstance and that any incomplete applications are transferred to someone else within your organisation.
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