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    JobAccess Secure System Support

    Frequently Asked Questions and Reference Materials

    JobAccess Secure system users who have completed the relevant training modules through the Learning Centre may find additional useful information relating to common questions and system issues in the Employment Assistant Knowledge Base (EAKB).

    System Access and Password Related Enquiries

    For issues relating to system access, including user creation, user roles and password resets please contact your Organisation or Site Security Contact (OSC or SSC) in the first instance.

    System Performance, Errors and Technical Enquiries

    After consulting the EA Knowledge Base and/or liaising with their OSC or SSC if relevant, users may contact the Employment Systems Help Desk via one of the following methods for assistance with system issues:

    So that emailed queries and 'Ask a Question' forms can be investigated and resolved quickly and efficiently; it is essential that we receive as much relevant information as possible.

    Please provide your User ID, contact details and a detailed description of the issue, including:

    • All relevant IDs. i.e.: job seeker, vacancy, employer, activity and/or payment IDs.
    • What are you trying to do?
    • The number of users experiencing the issue (only you? or some/most/all users at your site)
    • Where in the system you are experiencing difficulty? (such as which screen)
    • The exact wording of the any error message you receive.
    • A clear screen shot, showing any error message and where/how it is displayed.
    • Details of any EAKB articles, Learning Centre modules, Online Help files or Provider Portal articles relevant to your issue/enquiry.

    Policy Enquiries

    Policy enquiries should be submitted via the Question Manager tool within the ECSN Provider Portal. Please note: only users assigned the general role SCO - Site Contact Officer are able to access Question Manager . Please contact your OSC if you require this role.

    Training Enquiries

    Unfortunately, the ES Help Desk is unable to assist with training in the use of DSS Systems. If you require further training, please refer to the training modules in the Learning Centre > Courses.

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