1800 464 800
1800 464 800

Linking your JobAccess account with myGov account

Error message


    • User would need to have a valid myGov account before linking.
    • Once linking is completed, all applications currently attached to the JobAccess account will be automatically attached to the linked myGov account.
    • One myGov account can be linked to ONLY one JobAccess account.


    • Step 1. 'Sign-in with myGov' if you have already registered with myGov.
    • Step 2. After signing in, click your name on the top right corner of the screen to navigate to 'Security Credentials' page.
    • Step 3. Get the eSAM User ID located under 'Self Reg User' panel.
    • Step 4. Contact a JobAccess Advisor on 1800 464 800 who will assist you with linking your existing JobAccess account to myGov.
    • You must provide the following to the JobAccess Advisor:
      • Your eSAM User ID
      • Your existing JobAccess User ID
    • Step 5. Once linking is completed by the JobAccess Advisor, open the JobAccess website and login via 'Sign-in with myGov'.

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